1. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   ISO: 3200   ||   Focal Length: 18mm

    Bethesda Terrace - Lower Arcade

    This is my first posting from Central Park.  This passage way under Bethesda Terrace was fantastic.  It was very colorful and difficult to capture an image of. 

    The HDR works wonders in getting the color out of the image and providing a view as our eyes basically saw it. Getting the image required five shots and without a tripod, I had to shoot at 3200 ISO, which brings in a lot of noise through the HDR process.  The slower shutter speeds and people also added to the challenge.  The image here took about 2 hours to process, and that was mostly because I have up on the noise issue.  On screen, the image doesn’t look bad at all, and perhaps it print it won’t either.

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  3. For those that are curious.  Here are the 5 images of the Brooklyn Bridge that were combined to form the composite image previously posted.

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  5. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   ISO: 200   ||   Focal Length: 18mm

    Another Brooklyn Bridge shot.

    5 image HDR composite. (Original Photos Here)

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  7. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/500th   ||   ISO: 200   ||   Focal Length: 18mm

    The Brooklyn Bridge.

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  9. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/8000th   ||   ISO: 1600   ||   Focal Length: 18mm

    The Standard Hotel

    Continuing with photos from my recent New York trip, here is a hotel perched over the High Line in Manhattan.  As a Californian and an engineer, I find this building’s configuration very uncomfortable.

    Apparently, it makes the locals a bit uncomfortable, but that has to do more with its guests than the structure itself.

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  11. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   ISO: 200   ||   Focal Length: 21mm

    View of the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn (Washington Street near Main Street Park).

    In some ways this bridge is more impressive than it’s more famous sibling, which is a bit unfortunate.  I thought it was most fun that subways go across it as one of the primary ways to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 

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  13. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/750th   ||   ISO: 200   ||   Focal Length: 40mm

    This is a view of the famous London Terrace apartment complex in Chelsea, Manhattan.  According to Wikipedia, it was completed in 1931 and at the time of completion was the largest apartment complex in the world with 1700 apartments over 17 to 19 stories and occupying one complete Manhattan block.  The cost of the building to construct was $25M in 1931, which is roughly $400M with respect to 2010.

    The view captured here is about half the block, taken from the near-by Highline elevated park.  This is one of those cases that a photo doesn’t quite capture the moment.  Walking in this vicinity, these structures just appeared massive and impressive.  The brick was beautiful, and the structure stands a large monolith of sorts.

    I hope that someday I can go back and explore that area on foot at the street level.  Stay tuend for more photos in the future.  I have a few more that will hopefully capture this complexes grand size.

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  15. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/20th   ||   ISO: 3200   ||   Focal Length: 18mm

    2014 View of Lower Manhattan

    This is what New York City looks like from Jersey City in March 2014.  It’s a bit of a contrast from the last time I was in this region and the twin towers were on the horizon.

    Never-the-less, the modern view has its beauty.

    The Photo:  I didn’t have a tripod, so it was handheld at ISO 3200.  At this point, only Lightroom was used for processing.  I think I’ll try a reprocess in the near future to remove all the High ISO noise with a program specifically suited to the task. In the meantime, enjoy the city and its reflection in  the Hudson River.

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  17. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/45th   ||   ISO: 100   ||   Focal Length: 31mm

    This was “our neighborhood” while on our trip to NJ and NY…

    This is an old warehouse district in Jersey City near the waterfront just south of Newport, which is where we were staying.

    This was the first morning on our trip.  The temperature was a crisp 19 degrees this morning with a high fog overhead.  This specific photo was on our trek for some breakfast. 

    This will hopefully be the first of numerous posts for our March 2014 vacation.

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  19. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/350th   ||   ISO: 80   ||   Focal Length: 53mm

    One last image from Treasure Island before I head out on a trip to New York City. 

    The haze and humidity made for tough shooting conditions.  I elected to convert this image to black and white and age it.  It makes an otherwise dull image have a little more life. 

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  21. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   ISO: 80   ||   Focal Length: 40mm

    One Bridge or Two Bridges

    I’m not talking about the Oakland (East Span) vs. San Francisco (West Span).  Rather, if you look at the west span only (the one pictured here), are you looking at one bridge or two bridges?

    Socially speaking, and perhaps even by dictionary definition, we can look at the west span as one bridge.  Heck, by dictionary, and even Cal Trans designation, this is only half a bridge as some would count the full extent from San Francisco to Oakland as one bridge; thus the reference to separate spans of the same bridge.

    But… regardless of what you consider a bridge, the interesting bit of trivia with regards to this bridge is that there are two suspension bridge structures in this image.  That’s right, the west span of the bay bridge is actually two suspension bridges.  Suspension bridges generally consist of two towers that suspend cables that hold the bridge deck up on what amounts to hangers.  The cables are held tight  at their ends through anchorages that distribute the load on the cables to the towers and the anchorage abutments.

    The west span of the Bay Bridge has four towers, and in order to anchor the cables appropriately, a large concrete structure was built in the middle (the large black structure right in the center of the image) to anchor the cables for each of the two suspension structures.  As a result the large concrete structure separates the two suspension bridges of what is otherwise one (or half) a bridge.

    Personally, as an engineer I find the design fascinating and think of the trip from Oakland to San Francisco as three bridges.  Technically, it is most fitting to call it two as each bridge spans water to the island, which is natural land. Socially and even by virtue of government, the complete unit is considered as one bridge as I guess some don’t think the island counts.  I think it does count as they purposely used the island so as to build the two distinct spans and thus save money from not building one continuous structure.

    By the way, the article on Wikipedia is very fascinating although it takes a bit of effort (through Google and other webpages) to find more about the concrete anchorage and two suspension bridges here.

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  23. A view of the lobby inside the administration building at Treasure Island in San Francisco.  It seems that this is one of only three remaining buildings from the 1939 World’s Fair (Golden Gate International Exposition) celebrating the opening of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. 

    The building served as a terminal building for the Navy (thus the administration building name) and is now on the National Registry of Historic Places. 

    The mural depicted here is meant to represent the Naval history of the U.S.

    I attempted to cover the complete mural with both photos.

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  25. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/350th   ||   ISO: 100   ||   Focal Length: 40mm

    Spent the day at Treasure Island exploring a monthly flea market held in some of the old Navy Buildings.  It was a fantastic day in the city.

    This is a view from the parking lot.  A sailboat race was being held amongst high schools.  I guess I went to the wrong high school as we didn’t have a sailing team…

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  27. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/500th   ||   ISO: 400   ||   Focal Length: 17mm

    This is a view from the waterfront bikeway/pathway in Reykjavik and some rather modern housing and architecture for the area.

    As a side note, I just love how clean everything looked in Iceland.  It doesn’t hurt that rainfall here is quite common, perhaps more than even Seattle.

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  29. Camera: PENTAX K-5   ||   Exposure: 1/350th   ||   ISO: 400   ||   Focal Length: 23mm

    This building on a small street just on the edge of the downtown business and government district appears to be the Danish Ambassador for Iceland’s home and perhaps an embassy itself (the little signs out front suggested they might be the same thing).  Perhaps the ambassador telecommutes.

    Regardless, it was an unique bit of architecture in Reykjavik. 

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